5 Tax Court Problems and Alternative Solutions

INDONESIA is a country that adheres to a self-assessment tax system where taxpayers must play an active role in fulfilling their tax obligations, starting from calculating themselves, depositing, and reporting them to the tax administration (Diskus). Fiskus has the function of serving, fostering, and supervising the implementation of taxation by taxpayers by conducting audits to test … Read more

Government Plans Regional Tax Restructuring

Government Plans Restructuring The government plans to restructure the types of Regional Taxes from 16 types to only 14 types. Not only changes in the types of regional taxes, but the objects of regional levies also underwent a restructuring of the objects of regional levies, which initially contained 32 types of services, to 18 types of … Read more

DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Gives Basic Tax Relief for PBB-P2 and Motor Vehicle Tax

As regulated in Governor Regulation Number 115 of 2020, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government provides tax relief for Rural and Urban Land and Building Tax (PBB-P2) and Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) for passenger public transport which is valid until December 30, 2020, for tax assessments. 2020. Then, what are the provisions? Check out the following … Read more